What Are The Benefits Of Tuckpointing Chicago, IL

Protection From The Elements

One of the most important benefits of tuckpointing is the prevention of water penetration into the bricks or stones of your masonry, to stop the deterioration of your brick or stone wall. Initially, there may only be minor holes or cracks, but in no time these can develop into brick movement and possibly brick collapse. To reduce the chances of these problems happening, and protect your masonry from the weather, contact a professional tuckpointing company Chicago and arrange tuckpointing services today.

Increased Curb Appeal

Tired brickwork? Hire a tuckpointing contractors Chicago to transform your facade with tuckpointing, your bricks will look like new. Change the colors of the existing mortar and really personify your exterior.

More Insulation

Tuckpointing your bricks or stones will increase their insulating abilities. This will protect you from the unwanted growth of mold and deter bugs and pests. It only takes a crack of 3/4 “ to allow a colony of ants to make a nest in your wall, or a maple tree seed to germinate. Small animals such as mice, rats, chipmunks and squirrels have been known to live within small cracks in masonry.

Strengthen the structure

Tuckpointing Chicago increases the structural integrity of your masonry structure as the new masonry strengthens the joints and gives some support to the overall structure. It will also help to defend against water damage that could seriously affect the integrity of the structure.

Increase The House Value

Restoring the masonry of your house and tuckpointing the brickwork, on the exterior, will greatly increase the curb appeal of your home. Many people judge things on appearance and first impressions. By making your property more attractive, more buyers will want to see it and pay a higher price compared to if your house possesses broken masonry and tired-looking bricks.