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Extreme Tuckpointing is the tuckpointing company in Chicago to trust for all your tuckpointing needs! We pride ourselves on excellent work that is rare to find in the industry. We pay close attention to every small detail to ensure that we do our work right. Our tuckpointing contractors use only high-quality materials and tools to ensure the success of the project with no reword needed. Best of all, you can trust the results to last a long time. In any case, you can always chat with us and let us know how we can improve our services and we would be happy to do so. 

We fulfill our work successfully by treating your structure uniquely while respecting your proposed timeframe for the project. Our tuck pointing service in Chicago will save your structure from the damages that extreme weather conditions, ground movements, and other outdoor factors can bring. Talk about your tuckpointing needs with us.


Tuckpointing Chicago, IL - FAQ

How do I know when I need tuckpointing Chicago?

If you see cracking, crumbling or any holes in your mortar, it is a good time to call tuckpointing contractors for an inspection. 

How often should I hire tuckpointing Chicago?

In general, mortar lasts from 25 – 30 years, but in wetter climates with more frequent severe weather – like in Chicago – it could be required more often. If unsure, get a tuckpointing company in Chicago to inspect your mortar and tell you if it is required. 

How long does tuckpointing last in Chicago?

When performed by our expert tuckpointing contractors Chicago, the tuckpointing should last you for decades – helping you to protect your investment from the elements and structural issues.

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Can any home be tuckpointed by your tuckpointing company Chicago?

Tuckpointing near me in Chicago can be done on old or new brickwork, and even painted buildings. If you think reinforcement or aesthetic renovation is necessary, it can be done. 

Do services for tuckpointing Chicago match the old mortar?​

Seamless tuckpointing Chicago and mortar matching are what we are known for, making Extreme Tuckpointing Contractors the tuckpointing company Chicago residents trust for their tuckpointing needs. The new mortar will blend seamlessly with the old. 

The Benefits of Brick Tuckpointing Chicago, IL

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Among the advantages of tuckpointing near me in Chicago is that it prevents the mortar joints from corroding entirely and eventually collapsing. It also helps to restore the structural reliability and stability of masonry work. Setting back the tuck pointing of your building’s brick in Chicago can result in a weaker structure, leading to break down that usually happens to chimneys and brick walls.

This approach is similar to a follow-up step after the brickwork has deteriorated. It also helps prevent moisture from passing through the masonry system.

Water will enter the mortar joints when you leave them unrepaired, resulting in serious damage that is not visible from the outside.
It might include mildew and mold nurturing in the mortar joints.

For this reason, ask us at Extreme Tuckpointing Chicago to help you with tuckpointing and masonry repair. As we provide cost-effective masonry restoration, we are the tuckpointing company in Chicago you can trust and rely on.

What Is The Difference Between Repointing & Tuckpointing Chicago, IL

Although the terms tuckpointing and repointing are frequently used interchangeably, they are not synonymous. The masonry industry has been thrown for a loop by this mix-up as both have one goal: digging out mortar joints to a specific depth, removing it, and then replacing them with new mortar. Which one do you require from your tuckpointing contractors Chicago, when subjecting any mortar damage to repair?

Tuckpointing Chicago is to fix the deteriorated mortar and is originally made to imitate a rubbed brick aesthetics, which have a fine and red finish. Tuckpointing is usually done using two different colors of mortar to alter the appearance of mortar joints. On the other hand, the repointing procedure is only centered on damage control- removing and replacing any cracked, or crumbled mortar joints, unlike the tuckpointing, which adds aesthetics to the structure. After understanding the difference, contact any tuckpointing company like us, Extreme Tuckpointing Chicago, to do repairs!

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How to Know If Your Bricks Need Tuckpoing Chicago, IL?

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How do you know whether your brick needs tuckpointing Chicago? You only need to examine your mortar in various regions of brick constructions. If you notice any holes or anything cracking or crumbling, it may be time to tuckpoint.

To conduct a thorough examination, ensure that all surfaces have been well cleaned. After that, all you have to do is watch. Deterioration is indicated by cracking, holes, and crumbling, which implies it’s time to bring in the tuck pointing experts in Chicago. You can scrape the edge of the mortar with a small, sharp tool. You’ll need to arrange a consultation if debris comes off as a light white powder.

When moving to a new house and you aren’t sure when the previous tuckpointing job was done, check everything and do the scratch test. You can also ask a reliable tuckpointing company like Extreme Tuckpointing Chicago to help out.

Tuckpointing Near Me in Chicago, IL - How Is It Done?

Tuckpointing near me in Chicago is one way to upgrade the appearance of an interior and exterior brick structure. It also helps protect the building from having further damage. The process of tuckpointing includes removing and replacing the mortar between the layers of each brick. Extreme Tuckpointing Chicago offers premium tuckpointing services, and here’s how we do it.

Removing the Old Mortar
The first step in tuckpointing Chicago is removing a portion of the damaged or deteriorated mortar. Professional tuckpointing contractors in Chicago will sweep the loose mortar to expose the solid part underneath using a stiff-bristle brush.

Replacing With New Mortar
Create a mixture of pudding-like mortar that closely matches the color of the brick to replace the mortar that was removed. Using a mortar hawk, the mortar will be applied thinly, beginning with horizontal joints then sliding mortar into open joints. The excess mortar will be scraped away to create an illusion of well-maintained joints.

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