Lintel Replacement Chicago, IL – The 9 Types of Lintels

The purpose of a lintel is to ensure the weight above an opening like a door or window is well-supported by a beam. There are 9 types of lintels.

  1. Stone Lintel

The stone lintel has been used since ancient Greek and Roman structures were constructed, and it is still used today, although not commonly. A single piece of stone is used by masonry contractors in Chicago, which is supported by two columns.

  1. Brick Lintel

Brick lintels are installed by masonry contractors, as they are laid in a header course and the brick ends extend out from the length of the wall. The brick-and-mortar lintel can be load-bearing or non-load-bearing.

  1. Reinforced Brick Lintel

Steel rods or wires within the bricks help to create reinforced brick lintels. The steel increases the load-bearing capabilities of the lintel to accommodate heavier load support.

  1. Concrete Lintel

Some masonry in Chicago includes concrete lintels that are formed in a mold before installation. Depending on their design and use, these can be load-bearing or non-load-bearing.

  1. Steel Lintel

Produced from steel beams, steel lintels can be cut to the desired size or shape and then welded or bolted together for a lintel replacement in Chicago. Steel lintels are commonly used as support beams in load-bearing situations.

  1. Wooden Lintel

Wooden lintels may be used as load-bearing beams and they are cut and shaped from large pieces of lumber.  

  1. Composite Lintel

Composite lintels combine materials like concrete and steel to benefit from both aesthetics and strength.

  1. Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Lintel

Glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) lintels are concrete lintels that have been reinforced with glass fibers. GFRC lintels offer strength and durability as they can be used for either load or non-load-bearing lintel replacement applications.

  1. Precast Lintel

Precast lintels are made off-site using concrete that is cast in a mold. The finished product is transported to the job site for lintel replacement or installation. This type of lintel can be custom-made into the proper shape and size based on the lintel replacement project in Chicago.