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Extreme Masonry Restoration is a well-favored company when it comes to restoring any masonry structure to its excellent shape. Our seasoned masonry contractors exude professionalism, wide skill sets, and dependable work ethic on every project requested from us. You can trust us to deliver the proper masonry restoration service in Chicago you deserve.

Every project is handled with care and attention, so your masonry structure can embrace its freshly improved appearance and rigidity. Our materials are top-notch and surpass the substandard quality other companies settle for. At Extreme Masonry Restoration, we deliver safety, security, and timeless designs in our work. Indeed, we change the game in masonry restoration that is right for the Chicagoland district.

Our best efforts are guaranteed for your satisfaction. We make masonry beautiful again. But more importantly, we make them last. Consult us at Extreme Masonry Restoration in Chicago for your services required. Give us a call anytime.


Questions To Ask Your Contractor - Masonry Restoration Chicago, IL

What Are Your Masonry Restoration Company Credentials?

Before hiring a masonry professional, a homeowner should inquire about their credentials. Unreliable professionals can easily look trustworthy by making big claims about their experiences and skills. Make sure to find a professional with legitimate credentials before going any further.

How Experienced Are Your Masonry Restoration Contractors?

Hire a masonry contractor who has worked on a wide range of projects. We at Extreme Masonry Restoration are also familiar with the area, making us the ideal company to work with.

What Materials Will Your Masonry Restoration Contractors Use?

Different mortar types and tools are necessary for different projects. Our masonry restoration contractors in Chicago will tell you about the materials to use and how they will do the project.

How Long Will Masonry Restoration Take?

Get an honest answer. Hire a masonry restoration contractor who will discuss every detail of the project with you. Our experts will assist you throughout every stage of the project so call us today!

Importance Of Masonry Restoration Chicago, IL

Having a brick-and-mortar structure at home has a lot of benefits. This type of structure is built to last and has a minimal amount of maintenance needed. However, when your mortar starts to deteriorate, you need the help of a professional masonry contractor to help you rebuild your structural integrity through masonry restoration and other services. 

Extreme Masonry Contractors Chicago offer masonry works to preserve the historic nature of your structure, avoid tearing down the entire portion of your structure, and prolong the life of old houses, buildings, landmarks, and more. Our process includes assessing your building and identifying the issues of your brick-and-mortar structure. Keep in mind that a small crack in your brick-and-mortar structure can eventually turn into big problems. Discoloration can indicate internal problems with moisture and sealant, which can cause aging brick spall over time. Call our masonry contractors Chicago today to get a partner you can count on.


What is Masonry Restoration Chicago, IL?

Masonry restoration in Chicago refers to any activities undertaken on masonry already in place. While frequent repairs and care of the masonry can help to extend its life, there will come the point when this is no longer viable. So masonry restoration is necessary in order to improve a building's beauty and assure that it will remain standing. Masonry restoration is a significantly bigger job than masonry repair, where rehabilitation of a masonry structure usually entails the entire structure, unlike the masonry repair work that is usually limited to the damaged areas. Masonry restoration is extremely important, especially on older historical structures, to conserve them for future generations. Steps in masonry restoration are to remove the old, worn-out materials and replace them with new ones. 

In finding masonry contractors to perform masonry restoration in Chicago, count us in Extreme Masonry Restoration. We got you covered! Contact us now!

Why DIY Masonry Restoration Chicago, IL Isn't The Best Idea

A professional mason has a lot of knowledge regarding tools, materials, and other aspects for them to perform an adequated masonry restoration Chicago. A way of explaining this is that you can’t utilize modern mortar on historic bricks. These days, mortar can seriously harm a brick assembly that was made in the early 1930s. Another good example is efflorescence which is a term used by expert masonry contractors Chicago. This is when salt crystals are created on bricks that eventually end up cracking and damaging the brick. Good masonry work Chicago also needs well-defined tools that are not always available at everyone’s house and purchasing them represents higher expenses that you may not want. Although the cost of masonry work may look high, property owners who select a professional masonry contractor will save on expenses eventually. Extreme Masonry Restoration is one of the top masonry companies in Chicago that you can rely on and that will guarantee to get the results that you’re looking for. Reach us today.
Large Red Brick Traditional Colonial Home House on a large Woode

Do You Need Masonry Restoration Chicago, IL? - 3 Signs

Bulging Brick
An issue with older homes is a brick wall with bulging bricks. Your brick may collapse, distort, and potentially even develop loose mortar due to water behind it. Masonry work Chicago will address the issue by taking out the problematic bricks and resolving the underlying problems.
Vertical Cracks in Masonry
Vertical fissures in brick and stone walls are not a cause for concern according to masonry contractors Chicago, but if neglected, they may cause the walls to collapse. Bricks will bulge or cave as a result of water and moisture leaking into the crack. To prevent structural damage, install an expansion joint or inject epoxy or urethane into these fissures immediately.
Compacted Brick Masonry Restoration
Compacted bricks build strong walls and reduce water damage. But if the problem isn't fixed, five broken bricks will ultimately result from one compacted brick, and before you realize it, you'll have hundreds of damaged bricks.