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Chimney Repair Chicago, IL - Why It’s Important

Creosote Build-Up Poses a Fire Risk: Creosote buildup is something that can result in a massive problem in your household or commercial building. Expert chimney repair contractors should replace the lining in case of cracks or signs of wear down.

Faulty Chimneys Release Toxins: A chimney’s main function is to safely release smoke from indoors. A clogged chimney would need an immediate chimney repair in Chicago to avoid toxin poisoning. Contact Extreme Chimney Repair at our local Chicago branch.

Broken Chimney Caps are a Danger: Without a functional chimney cap, the smoke can bounce back to your home and lead to a disturbing smell, or worse, suffocation. Chimney caps commonly suffer from rust and cracks. Contact us for chimney repair in Chicago.

The Benefits of Chimney Tuckpointing Chicago, IL

Preventing moisture leaks: Water penetration is serious damage that can get worse over time. When you spot cracks that openly invite water, then a chimney tuckpointing in Chicago would be your property’s saving grace.

Structural stability: Does your chimney mimic the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Then it’s time for a chimney tuckpointing in Chicago. Contact our team anytime for professional services.

Prolonged lifespan: Getting into the habit of having your chimney inspected and repaired when necessary can save you from plenty of expenses in the future. You’re looking at a more structurally sound chimney, longer lifespan, and of course, better functionality.

Cost-effective: Get a cost-efficient timely chimney tuckpointing in Chicago to fully protect your home. Contact Extreme Chimney Tuckpointing today!

What Is Chimney Tuckpointing Chicago, IL? And Should You Have It Done?

Chimney tuckpointing in Chicago is essentially the removal and restoration of damaged chimney mortar through applying new mortar on masonry joints. The new mortar should match the color and texture of the old masonry and work as a strong, water-resistant joint.

Tuckpointing your chimney comes with several benefits. It stops mortar joints corrosion and restores your chimney’s structural stability. Delaying chimney repair in your home in Chicago can weaken the chimney structure, making it collapse or lean.

Chimney tuckpointing prevents water absorption in your chimney system. Water easily enters your chimney and between the flue lining and chimney when the mortar joints are left unrepaired. Moisture can cause serious damage as it encourages mildew, mold, and rotting wood. Compared to entirely demolishing and rebuilding your chimney, tuckpointing is less expensive.

Our professionals at Extreme Chimney Tuckpointing in Chicago will restore the original condition of the materials used on your chimney, increasing your home’s value. Call us for your chimney tuckpointing needs!

When Do You Need Chimney Repair Chicago, IL

The chimney is a masonry product responsible for making our area not oily or smoky. It is considered necessary, and whatever damage needs to be addressed by conducting masonry repair. Reach out to masonry contractors Chicago if you’ve noticed these signs! 

Keeping an Eye Out For Brick Stains that are White!

Also known as efflorescence, with its presence, excessive moisture on your chimney is what it means! When water is absorbed, salt and minerals rise in the presence of white stains.

When Mortar’s Missing, It Needs Repairing

Chimney decay can be first observed in the mortar. If it’s starting to chipping and receding, repairing must take place as a remedy and slow down deterioration.

Crumbled Brick and Mortar

If there is any obvious cracking and crumbling, hurry and have it repaired with Extreme Chimney Repair Chicago before severe spalling occurs. Porous is the bricks, and it breaks apart once moisture penetrates.