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Extreme Masonry Repair Chicago, IL

Extreme Masonry Repair is here to provide the masonry repair service in Chicago you need. We have expert masonry contractors in our team who deliver the work with great mastery. From large-scale to minor repair work, trust our crew to get the job done swiftly for your satisfaction. 

We have extensive knowledge of masonry repair. This expertise is properly applied from the inspection of your property to the actual repair work until the completion of the project. We start by performing a detailed inspection of your masonry structure to determine every existing issue, and we prevent them from getting worse by executing the level of masonry repair work required. 

You will receive an estimate to help you make informed decisions before proceeding with the work. Once we have settled the schedule, expect Extreme Masonry Repair in Chicago to arrive at your place on time and proceed with the work immediately. Schedule today!


Extreme Masonry Repair Chicago, IL

Weakened or Missing Mortar: Most masonry structures require masonry repair in Chicago about every 15-20 years. Special situations may lead to more frequent care. When mortar deteriorates, it leaves the entire structure vulnerable to serious damage.

Frost Boil: Frost boil, or bulging bricks, arises when moisture finds its way behind your brickwork, disrupting the backing. The freezing and thawing cycles push on the bricks creating that bulge. Masonry repair in Chicago can resolve the problem by removing the affected bricks, addressing the damage, and relaying new bricks.

Bowed Bricks: When bricks are compacted, their shape is altered. They can become cracked or bowed and that allows water to enter and damage your home. Often, one compacted brick is a sign that more are coming and you will need masonry repair in Chicago.

Interior Damage: Damage to your exterior masonry can lead to issues within your home. If you find moisture on your walls, your feel drafts, or your windows are deformed with plaster cracks, it’s time for masonry repair in Chicago by the professionals at Extreme Masonry Repair.

Cracked Bricks: It is completely natural for cracks to develop in your bricks over time. But when the cracks occur at an angle greater than 30º, they threaten to collapse your entire masonry structure. Contact our experts with masonry repair in Chicago to seal the cracks and prevent water from leaking through.