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Extreme Masonry Grinding Chicago, IL

At Extreme Masonry Grinding, we remove all traces of imperfections and impurities on your masonry, whether in your residential or commercial property. Our various services make us a master of many trades in the industry. Our undeniable craftsmanship has our masonry grinding service in Chicago known for being an excellent standalone service that you can get without having to rely on other of our services.

Our masonry grinding experts are especially selected to perform the work meticulously while finishing the job on time. We pay keen attention to all small details to ensure the completion of the grinding work as perfectly as possible. Our masonry grinding service is valued at a reasonable price from small to large scale projects. We also offer additional fabrication, surface preparation, and finishing services. Learn more about our masonry grinding service within Chicago by reaching out to us. We are one call away - contact Extreme Masonry Grinding in Chicago

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Masonry Grinding Chicago, IL - Professional Maintenance

Every masonry building requires professional maintenance when applicable. It is critical in sustaining their structural integrity. As the years pass by, mortar joints suffer from various causes like cracks, erosion, weather damages, water saturation, and roof system defects. Compromised mortar joints enable water penetration easily, giving way for water to reach the wall cavity and hastily deteriorate the bricks.

In treating damaged mortar joints, for masonry grinding, machine grinders are often used, accompanied by the appropriate attachments. A more aesthetic look is achieved with the mortar profile while regular washing helps keep the entire structure clean. Masonry grinding in Chicago is followed by tuckpointing for a polished and complete look. The lasting effect of the grinding or tuckpointing service would depend on the quality of the work and the mortar, the expertise of the masonry grinding contractor, and the environment. Extreme Masonry Grinding in Chicago possesses reliable expertise to give you excellent results for your brick structure.