Protect Your Building With Waterproofing Chicago, IL

When the structural integrity of your building becomes compromised, it causes many issues - Your building can become too dangerous to live or work in, and the cost of repairs can be astronomical. However, properly waterproofing your building with basement waterproofing companies Chicago can help to maintain your structural integrity for longer. 

When a building is not properly sealed, water enters through the tiniest of cracks and spaces. Once inside, it goes through freeze-thaw cycles, and can cause mold and wood rot - all of which weaken your foundation. With more humidity and strong seasonality, it is worse, which is why waterproofing in Chicago is especially important. 

This process should be done by the experts, and Extreme Waterproofing Chicago is here for the job. Distinguishing ourselves from other waterproofing companies in Chicago with our commitment to quality work and customer service, we will get your basement waterproofed in no time, at competitive prices.

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Advantages Of Waterproofing Chicago, IL

When it comes to waterproofing Chicago, Extreme Masonry Waterproofing is the most trustworthy. We are one of the waterproofing companies that attends to roofs, siding, basements, and just about anywhere the homeowner has any moisture infiltrating the home. The dampness in the basement area is due to the water leaching through the walls or the basement floor. When this happens, mold can grow, and it cannot be good for everyone's health. When your home has landscaping around the foundation, it is best to use interior waterproofing techniques to avoid damages to your landscaping. However, waterproofing from the outside is only best to avoid water entering your basement, leading to erosion of your foundation and chronic moisture issues in your basement. Contact Extreme Masonry Waterproofing Chicago to get your waterproofing needs done! We are just one call away.

Waterproofing Chicago, IL - FAQ

Can You Waterproof the Wet Areas of My Home?

Yes. Professional basement waterproofing companies in Chicago, such as Extreme Waterproofing, install water-resistant moisture barriers to prevent water penetration in your walls, fixtures, and floor. 

How Much Does Waterproofing Cost?

The waterproofing will depend on the materials used for the foundation and the repair method needed for your basement.  Extreme Waterproofing will be happy to provide you with a quoted price for your basement waterproofing. 

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Waterproofing Job?

On average, it takes between a day to a week. However, waterproofing duration will depend on the type of foundation, materials, feet of foundation, accessibility of the area, and depth of the footing. Sometimes, there are circumstances found after excavation, so that it will add to the time. 


Can You Waterproof my Basement?

Yes! Extreme Waterproofing in Chicago can waterproof your basement to protect the value and structure of your home. 

Protecting the basement foundation outside of a brick house from water and moisture using a foundation waterproofing dimpled membrane, barrier for the exterior walls. House Foundation Waterproofing.

Signs That You Need Waterproofing Chicago, IL

Water damage is a real enemy to the structural stability of your home, it is important to catch it and repair it.

Damp With A Musty Odor

Water may not be visible but this is a sign that water has been accumulating and causing water damage. Our waterproofing Chicago team will detect the water damage and repair damage caused to walls and floors, and perform efficient waterproofing.


Mold can be a dangerous fungus and a threat to your family’s health, if not treated it can spread across your house.

Water Stains

These are an indication that there is water damage and that waterproofing is needed, water damage will progress to expensive water damage problems, if not repaired by a waterproofing company.

Leaks Or Puddles In The Basement

Extreme Waterproofing Chicago can restore and waterproof your basement, bringing it back to dry, fresh health and ensuring that your water problems are gone for good.

All About Waterproofing Chicago, IL

Waterproofing is loosely defined as making a structure waterproof or water-resistant. In construction, it is the system of creating a physical barrier that protects a building from the ingress of water or moisture. It involves developing different layers of materials, paints, and coatings that create protection around the structure itself. It is important that the materials and the systems used in building the layers are compatible to ensure the sustainability of the structure. Since every building is bound to face outdoor weathering factors such as rain, snow, and wind, it is best that the buildings are properly insulated against water and that the waterproofing is done by the best waterproofing companies Chicago. Due to intense rainfall throughout the year, which likely causes flooding, waterproofing companies Chicago has mastered a perfect waterproofing system installation from roof to walls that protects buildings and prevents fast deterioration of the structure.

Preparing Your House For Basement Waterproofing Chicago, IL

No matter if you are working towards getting your basement finished or you’re working on removing mold, insects, or poor air quality, there will be some waterproofing Chicago that takes place. It’s always best to get a professional to do the work to get the results you want but knowing as much as possible before you start looking for waterproofing companies will speed up the process. For this reason, we have compiled a list of tips that will help you when preparing for basement waterproofing Chicago. 

Basement Preparation For Waterproofing

Knowing as much as possible puts you in a great position to get ready for your project to take place. The first step is cleaning the basement:

  • Remove personal items; 
  • Remove electronics; 
  • Place your larger items in the center of the floor so that basement waterproofing companies Chicago has a route through doors and stairs; 
  • Remove any carpet or flooring that may be in the way of the trench. 

Note that our team of professionals will have to dig a trench in your basement so things will get dirty. Remove all of your items that you admire so that they don’t get damaged during the process of removing the flooring.

Why Hiring A Pro For Basement Waterproofing Chicago, IL Is A Must

For your basement waterproofing project, you should only trust the professionals. Extreme Waterproofing Chicago has knowledgeable and professional workers that will get the job done right the first time. 

Since basement waterproofing is an intensive job, you need professionals who are licensed and insured. Our professionals are highly trained to work in a challenging environment. In addition, in case of property damage, you will be compensated by the company. 

Hiring reputable waterproofing companies is the same as ensuring that your basement will prevent further water damage. Extreme Waterproofing Chicago offers services that will improve the entire foundation of your basement which avoids future repairs.

Working with Extreme Waterproofing Chicago, you are assured with the quality of our work. We have many years of experience and our work will give you peace of mind knowing that your basement stays dry and free from damage.