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We’ve continuously been a top choice for more than 15 years for all of your important services such as chimney tuckpointing and chimney repair, basement waterproofing, masonry grinding, masonry repair and masonry restoration in Chicago

Masonry is an art and a craft that our masonry contractors in Chicago take pride in delivering the highest quality work that has exceeded our customers’ expectations when it comes to the detail and technique offered.

As a family-owned business, there is nothing more important than building lasting relationships with our customers based on a firm foundation of trust. Trust our masonry & tuckpointing contractors Chicago to give you the best options and nail your next home project!

Extreme Homes Masonry & Tuckpointing Chicago, IL

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Reasons To Choose Extreme Homes Masonry Contractors Chicago, IL & Tuckpointing Chicago, IL

Extreme Homes Masonry Masonry & Tuckpointing provides the best masonry and tuckpointing work in Chicago. Due to tireless efforts to make sure our customers always receive the results they expect from professional masonry contractors and tuckpointing contractors, we continue to be the top choice tuckpointing company in the Chicago area.

Masonry Restoration & Repairs - Masonry Contractors Near Chicago

For years, masonry has been one of the most used construction methods and even with amazing properties that gives it its strength, design flexibility and durability, with time masonry can start to deteriorate. At Extreme Homes Masonry & Tuckpointing Chicago we know how to properly give your property the right masonry restoration. Work with our experts before your mortar joint begins to deteriorate because of various weather conditions or your wall starts to rust away. Prevention can be accomplished with the right maintenance and we have plenty of experience fixing these common problems. Our goal is to give you the most effective solutions so your property masonry looks in prime condition for numerous years. You can feel comfort by knowing we only work with certified products and guaranteed workmanship of our results. Get in contact with our team and start your masonry restoration project with our top masonry contractors near Chicago.

Advantages Of Hiring Pro Masonry Contractors Chicago, IL

Getting Expertise 

You get the best results possible when you employ a professional to do your masonry repair Chicago. One reason a professional skill set is important is that it gives masonry contractors the ability to spot bigger problems. When this type of damage is found, any DIY masonry work can become dangerous. Another benefit is that an expert will have a detailed knowledge of the materials used and will be able to suggest great options. 

Being Efficient

Hiring professional masonry contractors near Chicago also saves you time and money. Doing this on your own can take a lot of time and be hard to implement. One time-taking activity would be the initial training in the first place. Experts have the knowledge that allows them to work efficiently and suggest materials that are cheaper but still durable. 

Higher Value 

Trying to do this yourself instead of hiring masonry companies Chicago can cause more harm than good. Doing this can lead to a substantial increase in pricing and could set your project back. Getting an expert will ensure that you are getting the results that you are looking for to increase the value of your home.

Masonry Restoration Chicago & Tuckpointing Chicago

What Our Clients Say
Elizabeth E. Brown

“ I  really didn’t know what I needed from either a masonry contractor or a tuckpointing contractor. Finding Extreme Homes Masonry & Tuckpointing here in Chicago made the whole process enjoyable. They even gave me some great pattern ideas for a new stairway landing and entrance. “

Elizabeth E. Brown

Derek L. Brock

“ After receiving several other masonry contractors’ estimates in Chicago, I came across Extreme Homes Masonry & Tuckpointing which gave me the best price for the masonry repair that I needed and the best options. I was very happy with how quick and well the job got done. “

Derek L. Brock

Chris J. Coleman

“ I’m glad I did research for tuckpointing contractors in Chicago, because I found your company who made sure my home project was finished on time for the holidays. It was very important for my family and I to have everything perfect and thanks to your masonry, it was! “

Chris J. Coleman

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