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What Is & What Are The Types Of Lintel Chicago, IL

What is Lintel?

Lintel beams, which span openings such as doors, windows, and other openings in a building, support the load of the structure above them. The lintel beam's width matches the wall's width, and its ends are integrated into the wall. Lintel replacements Chicago are categorized according to the material used to make them.

Types of Lintel used in Building Construction

1. Timber Lintel
Historically, timber lintels were mostly employed by masonry contractors Chicago. However, they have been mostly supplanted by a variety of newer procedures. The primary disadvantages of wood are its increased cost, decreased durability, and susceptibility to fire.
2. Stone Lintel
Particularly in masonry areas where the stone is readily available, this is the most common type. Thickness is the most important design element.
3. Brick Lintel
The smaller openings and lesser loads require these. Depending on the span, it can be 10 to 20 cm deep.

Lintel Replacement Chicago, IL - When Replace a lintel no Matter the Cost

There are a few instances when replacing your lintel is not only suggested but needed. These instances are when you don't take any shortcuts and hire professional masonry contractors in the Chicago area. A good example is when you are replacing your windows, you would need to have a lintel replacement done as well. At this point, it is the perfect time to replace it completely since the window is already out and the lintel is exposed.

The lintel replacement in Chicago is at the lowest cost during this process and will probably not affect your budget too much.

When you are buying or selling a property that needs inspection, you may have to do a lintel replacement in Chicago. Most older properties will not have a proper lintel which means they will need one installed. For your property to pass inspection and move forward with the contract, adding lintel is required. Call Extreme Lintel Replacement today!

The Best Material For Lintel Replacement Chicago, IL

The best masonry contractors Chicago has, know there’s no such thing as the best material for lintels. Instead, the selection depends on your particular needs.

Wood lintels are the traditional kind because they used to be the only option in the past. They are practical as long as they are not used as a foundation for heavy loads. In that case you might want to consider a lintel replacement.

Stone lintels are aesthetic and solid, however they are costly and heavy. If your goal is a stylish look, stone lintels are a great choice for you. The top masonry companies Chicago citizens go to, have a wide catalog to achieve the look you desire. 

Steel lintels are designed to support heavier loads and they have become popular in construction because of their endurance. New materials are introduced to the market that are more resistant to oxidation and corrosion as long as they’re not permanently exposed to water.